Thursday, August 14, 2008

Supplement Update

We made a trip into the holistic vet yesterday to pick up some refills. We were also able to speak to the vet for awhile in order to question him about Addie's progress. He suggested a few changes for her and answered some more of my unlimited questions:

1) We discussed Addie's upset stomach after meals. He suggested that we reduce her Neoplasene from 2.4cc - 2 times per day to 2.0cc - 2 times per day. It actually seemed to help this morning!

2) He verified that it is good to keep giving her cottage cheese 20-30 minutes prior to meals to minimize stomach irritation that might be caused by the Neoplasene.

3) Vitamin-B complex can negate the effects of Neoplasene if both are given at the same time. We will start to give her the B-complex at least 2 hours after the Neoplasene.

She is still having slightly cold paws, but the Yunnan and/or Vitamin-B do seem to help. Approximately 30 minutes after taking, she warms up.

She is in great spirits and has good energy, so all else is going well!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news!

Anonymous said...

Very cool....

Aunt Janet