Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cold Paws

Recently, we have noticed Addie's paws getting cold sporadically. Since this is a sign of internal bleeding / anemia, we have given her three doses of the Yunnan Baiyao over the past two days. Early this morning her paws were good and warm but shortly after she got up we noticed they were cold again. We are going to call the vet this morning to see if he has any suggestions. Will post more after we talk with him.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, My dog Molly also has hemangiosarcoma of the kidney. I researched yunna and am leary about giving it to Molly. This is what I found on www.veterinarypracticenews.com:

Potential Risks
Most references list pregnancy as the only contraindication to Yunnan paiyao, and this refers only to ingestion.

One study found that high doses of notoginseng have been found to be toxic to bone marrow stem cells.13 To be certain, the usual drawbacks to Chinese herbal products applyÑlack of quality control, manufacturing regulations and standardization.

Evidence of contamination with heavy metals, mycotoxins, microbial agents and pesticide residues has appeared several times in scientific literature.14 Intentional adulteration with pharmaceutical agents continues to be of concern.

As the demand for Chinese herbs mounts, suppliers in China have moved from harvesting wild herbs to growing their own. Careful, pesticide-free cultivation techniques have given way to widespread reliance on high levels of pesticides.15 Bans imposed on dangerous pesticides in Western countries do not apply to China.

Organochlorine pesticide residues in Chinese herbs remain a "core safety concern," and notoginseng has been found to occasionally contain DDT and its derivatives.16

Dr. Robinson, DVM, DO, MS, Dipl. ABMA, FAAMA, is an assistant professor in complementary and alternative medicine in the department of clinical sciences at Colorado State University.

This is concerning and makes me hesitate to give it to her. I have been using vascustatin to help with decreasing the number of blood vessels being formed therefore starving the tumor. I also give her Beta Glucen and Avemar, cook her meals on 250 and lots of fresh filtered water. I just started budwig. Just wanted to post so others could research. Kim