Wednesday, December 2, 2009

16 Months and Counting....

This was a recent picture taken of Addie with Finigan. They are getting along pretty well now. Even holding paws :-)

Wow, dare I say it has been 16 months post diagnosis and all is still well? I hate to say it aloud for fear; but it has been that long.

Things have been going well. We have had many more instances of cold paws over the past month, but we give her 1 or 2 yunnan and after 1 to 2 doses, she seems better. Nothing too serious so far as she does seem to rebound quickly.

She did very well over Thanksgiving weekend. We had a house full with 6 adults and 4 dogs (2 of which were puppies). She generally doesn't tolerate anything out of the norm, but she hung out and participated and did very well. She didn't get too moody at all.

I was thinking the other day about "why does the Neoplasene seem to work for Addie and not others?" That is a tough question that I don't think anyone can answer. But one of the things that Dr. Fox had originally mentioned was dealing with water. That being - make sure she drinks after each meal. He went as far as saying to withhold water hours prior to each meal, though we do not do that. We do encourage her to drink after every meal and she does really well. I wonder if other dogs on Neoplasene do the water right after and if that really makes a difference. Was just a thought which I don't know if it can ever be answered.

Thanks again to everyone for the positive thoughts and we wish you the best this holiday season!