Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Could Rottweilers be the key to a Cancer Cure?

This story was on Good Morning America this past weekend:

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In short, a veterinarian from Purdue University is traveling around the US doing research on rottweilers and what relationship there may be to them, old age, and avoiding cancer. Interesting at the end, they mention that they tested some deceased rotties and noticed that they actually had cancer and just "powered" through it.

It makes me wonder if that is why Addie is still with us.. she just won't accept the cancer and is just powering through it.


Cowgirl said...

Very interesting. Such implications for all. Addie looks so good in that photo. Thanks for sharing.

Lynda McWhinnie said...

I was interested to see your post. My Border Collie mix Pepper,10+ years(could be a rottie mix we have no idea!)looks so like Addie. She was diagnosed with splenic haemangiosarcoma April 3rd and post splenedctomy is just powering on with support from a wonderful holistic vet. I do hope she does as well as Addie and for as long. Your blog gives me hope
Lynda and Pepper, Yorkshire UK