Thursday, October 15, 2009

Small World

I met Christine online via Addie's blog several months ago when Christine was starting the terrible journey with her sweet girl Dina. We had emailed back and forth and found out that we only live about 30 miles apart AND use the same holistic vet - Dr. Friedly. It is such a small world.

Unfortunately, Dina lost her battle with hemangiosarcoma not long after her diagnosis. There seems to be no perfect formula for helping our puppies thru this. I wish there were.

Addie had an appointment at Dr. Friedly's yesterday to have her teeth cleaned. It is a great procedure whereas they do not use anesthesia. Given Addie's age and health, it is a great alternative to the standard teeth cleaning method. While there, I ran into Christine while she too was having her other dogs' teeth cleaned! It was wonderful meeting someone in person who had been thru what we are going through. Not knowing if you will have another day, are you doing everything you can for them, is the cancer metastasizing, etc. She was also kind enough to share her unused portion of neoplasene. Although it wasn't able to help Dina, we hope for Addie many more happy and healthy years.


Mareike said...

What a lovely little story. Thanks for sharing. Lots of hugs for you both.

Cowgirl said...

Serendipity is such a nice word and even a nicer experience.

Best to Addie and the rest of the gang.