Monday, June 15, 2009

11th Month Anniversary!

I can't believe that it has been 11 months post-diagnosis, but we are extremely happy to say Addie is still doing well and we are very grateful that she is still with us.

We are also thankful for all the comments and questions we receive regarding Addie and her progress. We feel that our primary objective of documenting our experiences with Addie on her journey has helped a little. After all, that was the reason for starting this blog.

We love hearing from everyone and hope we have helped - even if just a little - during this terrible time.

Wishing that someday soon there will be a cure for hemangiosarcoma and this blog will not be needed!


ingrid said...

Your post definitely has helped.
When Indie died I spent a lot of time wondering what I had done wrong; how did I give her this cancer?

I then wondered if I should bother getting / rescuing another dog one day. (when I'm ready) I feared that the same thing may happen all over again. And while I do not regret one single second of Indiana's life, hemangiosarcoma installed a bit of fear into me - I admit.

But your blogs, your success, has shown me that there is hope. We're not as helpless as we thought against this.

I was just telling someone about your story recently. They thought it was so nice of you to be sharing your success with such detail. Not to mention just an awesome story anyway!!

I for one LOVE that Addie is doing so well. I guess I just feel that everyone I found dealing with this was fighting a hopeless battle and lost. It's so good to see someone left fighting!!!


Cowgirl said...

So very fine indeed. You must feel happiness beyond belief. It is so good to hear such a success story among so many sad endings. I would give anything to still have my girl with me. I miss just touching the top of her head when she would come say hello to me while I was reading or, her asking me to go for a stroll with her or, giving her a bath...I could go on and on but I guess the point is that those moments are all we ever have. I think you & Addie are enjoying every single one of them. And that is helpful to me and like Ingrid, it gives me some hope too. Thanks a bunch and Dog Bless.

Val said...

WOW :)

I first came across this blog several months ago, thinking confidently that both Addie and my own little HSA survivor would be alive and well to see their one-year marks. Now, Addie's is barely over a week away. I'm so glad to see her doing well, and I'm so glad to have my own little pup sitting her beside me as I type this. Give her a hug from her friends in Michigan :) This year, July 15th will be a *GOOD* day for her!