Monday, October 13, 2008

3 Month Mark

It has now been exactly 3 months since Addie's diagnosis and the resulting dire prognosis.

We are celebrating!

We apologize for posting less frequently, but the good news is that she is still doing very well. We have not had a follow-up vet appointment yet, but she is eating well, her activity level is great, and she does not seem to have any negative conditions. Her paws have been consistently warm now every day!

Back in August, we decided to do a photo shoot with a professional photographer. Although we take a million pictures of the dogs, we wanted to have some professional shots with all of us in the pictures. It's nearly impossible to get everyone to look in one direction if we try to take our own pictures using the timer on our camera! We just got the CD containing all of the photos last week. The pictures on this posting are from that shoot.

Addie's birthday is coming up later this month. We feel very fortunate to still have her around for her 11th birthday. We will celebrate with Addie's cousins Lucy and Mazie when they come to stay for a week while their parents get a much needed vacation in Mexico!

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Anonymous said...

This is FANTASTIC news!!! It sounds like you have found a great course of treatment with the medicine and the diet!